The Early Years  -- 1966-1974

Tracing the historical path of our designs from the early simple, rectilinear work to the more complex and sculptural.

Morris began making furniture in his last year at Pratt, and took it up full time two years later.  His first workshop was a spare bedroom and his tools were minimal and mostly secondhand.  His first shop was set up in 1968 in San Francisco.  As his clientele and skills grew, so did the sophistication of his work. Note the variety of  influences including Japanese joinery,  The Bauhaus,  George Nakashima, and Arthur Espinet Carpenter .

  Walnut Burl Top Table - 1967

Leather sling chair  - 1969 

          Stool - 1966

     Desk and chair - 1968 

  Desk and chair - 1969


 Arch legged chair  -1970 


       Stool 1971                                              Can be enjoyed at Nepenthy Gift Shop , Big Sur, California

                                                                                                      Dr. Seely Mudd Collection      Wet  Bar -1974

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