With these pieces, we introduce furnishings that are historically and stylistically accurate to the creations of Charles and Henry Greene, yet fully functional for comtemporary use.  The perfect proportions, charm, and attention to detail of a bygone era have been reborn for modern living.  Sheppard's recreations are shown in the following selected works:

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 "Jerry's Chair"

 Mahogony with Ebony details and Brass inlay.  A blending of several G & G designs, most noticibly from the Blacker house chairs.  A Morris Sheppard original with all the flavor, grace and detail of their inspirations.  With sincere thanks the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and former Curator of Decorative Arts, Leslie Green Bowman, who graciously allowed us to inspect and measure the chairs in their collection.

Dining Set

Mahogony dinning table with Ebony details and brass inlay

Blacker House style lighting fixture

Mahogony with Ebony details, leather, Stained Glass by Buffalo Studios


Ceiling  Light  fixture

Mahogany with Ebony details , Stained Glass by Buffalo Studios

  Staircase Landing and Dining Area

Dining area with cherry panelling and stair, mahogany dining set and ceiling beams,and cherry open grillework shutters.

Living room fireplace and cabinets

Fireplace masony and cabinets inspired by dining room of Casa Barranca, the Charles M. Pratt house, Ojai, California with elements of other Greene and Greene projects. In glazed brick, firebrick, steel, cherry and mahogany.  Mantle light fixtures Frank Lloyd Wright reproductions by Buffalo Studios, while the ceiling skylights are original Frank Lloyd Wright stained glass from Chicago.

Music Corner

Windows, doors and joinery details in cherry and mahogany.  Original Tiffany lamp. Piano by Steinway.

 Staircase Detail

View of staircase joinery. Handrail and stair detail from the Gamble house, wall panelling details adapted from the Blacker House.  A blending of Grene and Greene designs from two sources, integrated into something new, but entirely in keeping with the style and feeling of the originals. Executed in American black cherry.

Interior Door

Cherry wood

Kitchen Pantry Door

Kitchen  Pantry door with grillework grating and spice cabinet

Front Door

Inspired by the Freeman A. Ford House, Pasadena California

Exterior of Leiber residence , Venice Beach, California

If the ocean can't come to Pasadena, Pasadena comes to the ocean

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