Interiors & Installations

Design and construction of functional decorative pieces for residential, commercial, religious and public places.

Furniture is a durable art which we interact with daily.  Each contact with it should bring visual and tactile excitement.  Even our sense of smell can come into play, as with the fragrance of a cedar lined drawer, the opening of which becomes a ritual of daily pleasure.
Our work unites contemporary concepts of form with traditional concerns for function, character and craftsmanship.  Balance, proportion, line, form and surface determine visual success for a piece of furniture just as for a piece of sculpture.  Moreover furniture has to meet the requirements of its intended use.  Chairs must sit well, showcases provide good lighting and security, desks a convenient place to work.  Design, material and finish should be appropriate to the surroundings.  In a public place or office there is a need for a suitable degree of importance, while furniture for an intimate setting with be more quiet and sensual."

Large works and architectural pieces have special requirements that pose special challenges.  Often they are made in sections and assembled on the site.

Selected Interiors
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